with 60 percent of social media users sharing without reading, what does that mean for your content?

with 60 percent of social media users sharing without reading, what does that mean for your content?

At this point, you’ve written dozens of well-researched articles in your new freelance writing career. You’ve spent hours making sure the facts were correct and the spelling, perfect and feel it’s time to share them with the social media world. Once shared, you believe the hits will start rolling in.

Before you sign up for a zillion new social media accounts, it’s important to understand a few things first. One is that each social media platform caters to a certain type of reader.

Find the right platform

For example, Pinterest caters to people (mostly women) who want to share hobbies and interests. More than 80 percent of Twitter’s global users are under the age of 50. You may also find it interesting to learn that 89 percent of Instagram users are outside the US.

According to an April 2020 Facebook study, that platform has 280 million users in India compared to only 190 million in the US. LinkedIn, another popular social media sharing system, is known for its popularity among college students and high earners.

With this in mind, it’s important to match the material you’ve written with the appropriate social media site to hone in on your target audience. It’s also important to know this (sad but real) fact. That approximately 60 percent of social media users do not read articles beyond their headline.

A majority of social media users share without reading

The sad truth is that studies have found a majority of social media users on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have only a basic interest in content with approximately 60 percent of clicked-on and shared articles, never being read.

So what does that mean if you’re new to freelance writing and trying to get your content out there? It means you need to utilize keywords and have patience. If you have a website, having a mobile, or better yet an AMP site, will also help get your content indexed quickly.

Don’t put all your eggs in any of the social media baskets. I have several websites, one of which relies 100 percent on search engine results, and it does just fine. I never post to social media and have personally boycotted the likes of Facebook for its lazy readers and lack of effectiveness. I have learned that posting to social media, especially platforms like Facebook, generates work without reward.

I’m not saying never utilize social media platforms, only to pick one or two you feel are most suited toward your content, and focus on that along with keywords.

Keywords are the way to go

Focusing on keywords is the absolute best way to ensure your hard work comes up in online search results. A simple, fast website won’t hurt either by ensuring the site is indexed without any validation issues (if you’re a Google Console user, you’ll understand what I mean).

There have been rumors that in upcoming years, AMP sites will be given search engine preference. If this is true, that combined with your stellar, original content should take you right to the top.