where to find all those great online freelance writing jobs

where to find all those great online freelance writing jobs

You are no doubt part of the crowd who has been confined to home stay during the global pandemic. Maybe you’ve been separated from your job, maybe you already worked from home or maybe you’re hoping to be an at-home worker.

As someone who works from home as a freelance writer, and has for more than a decade, it’s important to know where to look for all those great freelance writing jobs that are out there. If you’re going to get in on the game, it’s imperative you have a stellar resume, online of course, to wow potential employers.

The rise in the online demand for at-home workers has been followed by the rise in online applications for those same jobs. During this global contingency, many online job boards are saying they’ve seen a sharp increase in job postings and an even sharper increase in job applicants, citing an average of 90 applications for each freelance writing job.

They’ve also said that some jobs are attracting hundreds of applications per posting. Now you’re wondering just what type of writing jobs are these companies in search of. Well, genres (at the time of this post) range from blogging about blogging to review writers and mechanical engineering, catering to just about every type of writer out there. Take a look.

One of the many places I first began with was ProBlogger. I’m not an affiliate nor do I earn anything if you sign up. I’m just sharing another one of my job hunting sources with you. These guys have been around a long time and have evolved over the years. They are one of the largest, and certainly most diverse companies out there offering freelance writing jobs.