we're in the green but still wear our masks

we’re in the green but still wear our masks

According to our Secretary of Tourism, the state is experiencing a high rate of tourists given it’s what is considered, a low season month. Generally, the month of October is spent watching the NOAA since it’s the middle of hurricane season.

This year, it’s a bit different in that we’ve had a super quiet weather season but a relatively busy tourist season. Every morning I run to the beach and have to admit how many tourists I see there. No matter what time I go, there are tourists walking the shores soaking up the rays, usually at a very slow pace.

If you keep track of our local news (in English), you no doubt know we are finally in the green with our covid epidemiological system. This means a very low rate of infections vs hospital occupancy rates. We’ve been recording barely double-digit numbers of new cases and have often gone 24 hours without recording any deaths.

This is great news for our state. From the very beginning, we were placed in lockdown and then simply accepted the idea that mouth masks were here to stay.

The government never imposed any covid entry requirements on passengers coming into the country. I guess in a way, it wasn’t really necessary since the airlines were doing it. To get on a flight to go to Mexico, passengers needed to satisfy the airline’s non-covid status before you could even get on.

Once you reached Mexico, it was the airport / passport bit as usual. No covid tests necessary.

Mall entrance has a person with a thermometer and hand gel

If you are thinking of visiting Mexico in the near future, know that mouth masks are still mandatory even though we have reached a green (low incidence) covid traffic light. This is likely the reason we have reached it.

To enter any store around here, there will be a marked “enter” and “exit” door. You will know the difference because there will be a masked person with a temperature gun and gel stand at the “entrance” door.

Simply wait in line if there is one, let them take your temperature, pump a blob of gel into your hand once they tell you to “enter” and that’s that. Visiting some of the beaches works the same way (not all beaches are doing it), but don’t worry. You’re not expected to wear your mouth mask.