unanswered emails. another living in mexico frustration

unanswered emails. another living in mexico frustration

Moving to any new country will have its challenges. But even after 13 years here, I am still frustrated by the lack of communication. Unanswered emails. It’s a common problem, one I cannot exempt anyone around here from. Businesses or personal makes no difference. People are generally non-responsive when it comes to emails.

Well how do they get things done? How does a company do business if they do not reply to queries? Those are great questions and ones I cannot answer because the truth is, I don’t know.

One of the many things I miss from my previous life are prompt responses. Now, I’d be happy with a 24 or 48 hour reply. Yes, it’s that bad.

If you remember, several months ago I had made a query about renting land in which I was considering living. After five emails (sent by me) and seven weeks of waiting, I finally lost it (yes, I lost my patience after one reply from them — the only reply I ever got — that told me to be patient) and said forget it!

A reply to my last and final email revealed a plethora of excuses (I mean reasons) that they came up with as to why they had not replied. To that I did not reply again. I simply took their non-response as the answer to my question and moved on.

In saying that, they were not the first, nor will they be the last company to either take forever to reply or simply not do so at all. Your odds of getting an answer to a personal email are no better.

Searching online and leaving a reply in the active “contact me” section will also yield similar results. Sending emails directly to large companies is just as enlightening. I recall once this year trying to get a refund from a large corporate store. After being left out of the loop for weeks, I finally sent an email to their corporate headquarters.

After days of waiting, nothing happened. I was, however, finally able to get results with live chat instead.

If you’re using email as a way to communicate with Mexico, prepare yourself with a plan B. By the way, everyone here loves WhatsApp.