traveling mexico during the covid pandemic

traveling to mexico during the covid pandemic

I get a lot of questions about traveling to Mexico during this really loooooong, ongoing covid pandemic. The main questions are usually what the rules are (in general) and if tourists have to wear their mouth masks on the beach.

The last question is the easiest to answer so let’s start there. No one is expected to actually wear mouth masks when on the beach. No one, regardless if you’re a visitor or a local, is expected to wear a mask or any other form of face protection on beaches. Let’s be honest, even government officials understand no one wants “that” tan line!

There are some beach entrances, though, that do require you show up wearing a mask. You can remove your mask once you hit the sand. These beaches have signs that masks are mandatory to enter. For the most part, the rules are enforced.

Beaches that tourists would visit will not have these signs or rules since, as a hotel guest for example, you would be entering the beach directly from your hotel’s property. If you’re concerned about it or about being turned away from some place, just keep one handy in case you decide to pop into a store or restaurant along the way.

Now, when it comes to everything else, all stores, shops, restaurants, banks (ATMs), offices, markets, malls, public spaces, etc., the wearing of a mouth mask is mandatory. It’s actually a legal obligation, something that non-compliance can see you either fined or jailed for.

There have been many cases of people who, refusing to wearing a mouth mask while in public, were cuffed and sent to jail for 36 hours. Again, it’s best to keep a mask on you at all times just in case.

The covid rules in Mexico are pretty straight forward across the country in that the wearing of mouth masks in public is mandatory as is the use of hand gel and temperature taking before entering most establishments.

Convenience stores and other mom and pop type of places (like small eateries or markets) do not generally take temperatures before allowing you to enter, but the wearing of the mask and administration of hand gel is required to ensure everyone has a safe time while visiting Mexico.