Tips to beating out your online competition

tips to beating out your online writing competition

If you are one who has taken to working online in lieu of a lost brick and mortar job, it is imperative to go above and beyond your competition to, well, stay ahead.

With millions searching for online work and many more starting websites in hopes of monetizing them, learning a few ways to beat out others is a lifeline skill in today’s crazy online world.

If you have a website or are posting content online in hopes of making money, one thing you need to understand is the time required by search engines to consider your site established. At the very least, the first six months your new site is live will be a dead period where it will not rank at all or even exist.

But, this is not the time to abandon. It is, however, the time to produce content and make firm decisions on style and direction — the style of the site and the direction in which you wish to grow. I have personally found that the first two years a new site is live, the site really doesn’t exist in the eyes of search engines.

Remember, there are billions, yes billions, of websites out there ahead of your own, many of which are already established. But don’t fret. With patience and persistence, your site can rank well in a short amount of time.

Keeping up with the latest requirements is one way to skyrocket to the front of the search engine result line. Make sure your site is filled with valuable, original content. Make sure the site is AMP and mobile friendly and refreshed often with new SEO content for your readers.

Another key to a successful website is marketing diversion. Rather than relying on a regular search engine result from Bing, Yahoo or Google, add another way to be found. A website that is rich in original content and modern in design is of great value to reader app developers. There are literally hundreds of apps out there designed to promote website content for their specific genres.

A lot of internet users prefer apps over general search results since apps can be tailored to their exact needs, providing only search results or suggestions that are of interest. A general search online, however, produces a plethora of search results (9,874,630 search results in .3 seconds), a majority of which, are not of use or of interest to internet users.

If you have created a stellar website, it’s important to submit it to a reader for consideration. You can find companies who offer different types of readers and topics to their customers, who are often paid subscribers. These reader apps only show approved content to a user, weeding out the irrelevant and unwanted (9,874,630 search results in .3 seconds) internet search results.

Why is this important? It’s important because when a user is provided with content that is of interest, they are a lot more likely to not only open, but read your articles. Something that can translate into money for all your hard work.