things that make me happy

As a writer by trade, I am also a dog mum, chocolate lover, book enthusiast and collector of meaningful quotes such as A room without books is like a body without a soul (Marcus Tullius Cicero). It is one of my favorites and goes hand-in-hand with the book-loving part of my personality.

I was once an active traveler, having made my way around a good portion of our globe. I don’t travel anymore since moving to Mexico. In place of traveling, I swung my pendulum in the other direction and swapped my lock-and-go apartment and uncommitted lifestyle for a house, large garden, online business and two dogs.

I have spent the past decade working as a writer for various online agencies. Actually, I spent the first five of my Mexico years doing that. The latter part of my journey has been spent working for myself as an online writer. I found a niche and ran with it. While it doesn’t earn millions, it does earn well enough to be my sole source of income.

I may have given up some of my freedoms since relocating to Mexico, but one freedom I have gained is being self employed from home, unchaining my life from a painfully dull 10-year office job.

These are some of the things that make me happy.

Spending days with my dogs and tent camping also makes me happy. Camping and being outdoors was a huge part of my life growing up and continued to be as an adult. When I moved to Mexico, I was not able to tent camp for many (many) years, since I was without a vehicle and the means to actually go camping, but that finally changed.

The “kids” and I go camping as often as possible, which is often since I can work from anywhere and live in a tropical paradise that enjoys about 270 sunny days a year.

Those are some of the other things that make me happy.