The heat. Oh dear gawd, the heat!

the heat! oh dear gawd, the heat!

Moving to Mexico was difficult. Honestly, it was more difficult than I expected, which says a lot for someone who was well traveled and arrived relatively prepared. While my move was not on a whim, it still brought on it’s fair share of challenges, one of which was the heat.

I made my move during the month of July. To this day, I cannot decide if that was a blessing or not. I sweat my nads off for the first two years, something I was grateful to not know was in store for me during my first six months, when sweating began the moment one opened their eyes.

I don’t mean sweating like you do when you go to the gym or run outside. The type where you’re borderline wet for a bit until it evaporates. I’m talkin’ soaked, slippery skin, sweat running from your forehead into your eyes type-of-sweating all day, every day for months on end.

It gets worse if you actually attempt to move or do something extra like answer the phone or flip channels with the remote. Don’t even get me started on what happened when it was time to clean the house or walk the dogs.

That was my introduction into the tropical hot season, which here is referred to as canicula or loosely translated as the dog days (of summer). The only word I can think of to describe it is nasty. It took a full two years to become acclimatized to these tropical months from hell, something I admit now, I actually look forward to.

One of the many reasons I chose this type of region was for the heat, and I’ve not been disappointed. In saying that, it still took a lot of effort (absolutely no air conditioning) and tolerance to break myself in. But now that I have, I love it and believe it or not, rarely sweat. I have become so used to the heat and humidity combination, especially during the summer months, that I actually enjoy them.

I’ve learned to do errands, shopping, long dog walks and gardening first thing in the morning, as in before 8:00 a.m. After that, Mother Nature takes over and let’s just say, the day is hers.

My old girl-dog enjoying cool tile on her hot cheeks!

My dogs manage through okay, the elder of the two simply makes her way around the house in search of cool tile she’s yet to utilize. The other dog actually seeks out the sun and enjoys a good lay in the rays, regardless of the time of day (or the scorching temperature). They are both Mexican.

While I don’t seek it out, I too don’t mind laying under the rays for a bit, but I agree with seeking out the coolness the way my older dog does. Instead of tiles, I spend a lot of my afternoons floating in my rooftop pool on a floatie chair that just happens to hold a drink and my favorite read of the week.