summer is no longer my favorite time of year

summer is no longer my favorite time of year

There was a time when summer was my favorite part of the year. It represented long weekends, camping, blossoms, green grass and of course, hot weather. Living in Mexico’s Caribbean has changed that. My once beloved summer months are now my much-dreaded months.

You read right. The months of June to September, the months I used to wait for all year, are now months I would love to pass over. Here in Mexico along the coasts, both coasts, it’s hurricane season. While we typically experienced only bouts of heavy rain during that time, things have changed over the years.

This year, for example, I’ve noticed how much stronger our thunderstorms and accompanying winds have become. In March we suffered through excessive August-type temperatures. Then when May-June came, so did thunderstorms that shook the concrete bases of our houses. No kidding. That was not normal.

Now that August has arrived, we are actually suffering through August-type temperatures again (and for good reason this time cuz it’s actually August) not to mention a lot of thunderstorms. Most are dry, but the power of both the lightning strikes and the noisy thunder afterwards is much more than I recall from other seasons. So are the wind gusts.

The change was also noticed last year when we had one tropical storm and two hurricanes hit us in a three-and-a-half week stretch. Needless to say we were soaked and physically exhausted. My summers, as of late, are spent ‘pins and needle’ style.

So today, we get news of our first tropical storm of the year. Tropical Storm Grace, which at the moment has downgraded to a tropical depression, which, (if the weather man is right) is set to slam into a bunch of Caribbean islands as it makes it way straight for Cancun Thursday. Great!

Around the corner from where I live there’s a beach club that has doggie days every Thursday. A reservation is all that’s required for you to arrive with your fido(s) for the day to lounge seaside under an umbrella. It’s a great doggy social with a lot of beach running, sand digging, water paddling and a great deal of panting. This time of year, it’s also very quiet since there are few tourists. That’s where I had intended to spend my Thursday this week. According to our forecaster, I should reconsider.


It’s one thing to reschedule a day due to rain, but for a tropical depression set to gain its tropical storm strength again, is another story. The only difference between a tropical storm and a category 1 hurricane is a wind speed of two miles per hour. Grace is now set to become a hurricane the day after it passes us. That’s too close for comfort. There’s a chance of it turning hurricane before that. Let’s just hope Grace stays depressed and lands with nothing more than a much-needed rainfall.