not sure what i'm hoping for

not sure what i’m hoping for

After two weeks of almost obsessive deliberation, I have finally emailed the landowners about the possibility of living out of town on their beachfront property.

The truth is, as nice as it is to get away, it’s always just as nice coming home, something this house has truly been to me over the past five years. Things have sort of begun to fall apart, not because of the house or even the hood, but because of neighbors.

I’ve written before about the different types of living situations you can expect to choose from if you want to live in Mexico. They’re pretty straight forward. For me, I’ve lived in a few different types of houses, the current being fully secured with an active onsite administration.

Our administration takes care of well, administrative issues such as the running of the community and enforcement of rules. They also generate new rules and tweak old ones (during assemblies) when required. Since I appreciate rules and a well run machine, I’ve opted for this style of living.

To me, it’s been worth every peso, but the truth is over the years, the last two in particular, new neighbors with kids have been showing up and creating all sorts of issues. It’s gotten to the point that our only roadway in and out of here is always blocked with screaming toddlers and abandoned toys.

Private properties are invaded by these same unaccompanied kids. Lately, you can add off leash dogs to the mix. Then there’s the constant screaming and crying.

The problem accelerated when the number of kids (all under the age of 10) increased to the point that each day, they were literally set loose on the street to play and fend for themselves. Maybe an adult would watch out one of the windows to referee…but usually not. To me, it was the definition of lazy parenting….and since they were all doing it…

Our quiet community turned into a circus which became a major issue for those of us who work from home. After numerous complaints, our administration was finally able to get a handle on the situation, but it took many months to get to that point, not to mention all the “you can’t tell me what to do” emails followed by ice cold glares from paranoid parents who find being respectful overrated and following administration rules an option.

The true problem lies in the culture clashes that I have experienced during every one of my years living here. While living in Mexico certainly has its pros, cons like these are heavy, they are disruptive and cause friction between the neighbors with kids and those of us without.

That is where many of us, myself included, find ourselves today. Approaching a neighbor about a problem is a no-go here. While a majority of the Mexican people are without anything above a basic education and social graces, the worse offenders are the educated Mexicans because they feel they are above everyone and everything else, including rules.

Their immature nature and quick tempter to insult or assault makes discussing anything absolutely impossible. It is best to have an attentive no-s**t administration to deal with matters. Going back to our community problem, I’m glad we have our administration. For the time being, the problem is solved but I also know it’s temporary.

I already see a few neighbors slowly regressing back to doing what they’ve been told not to do. A full blown out-of-control case is only a matter of time. This is the main, central reason for my considering a relocation. It’s not only one incident that lasted a few months (I have more patience that that), it’s 12 years worth and truth be told, I can see the end of my own rope.

So I did it. Today I sent in my request for official information on a specific lot. Part of me is hoping for good news, that being a reasonable price, but then there’s a part of me that is settled here in this house that I’ve called home for five years.

I know it intimately. It protected me during the first (and only) two hurricanes of my life. It has seen happy birthdays and even happier Christmases, but then there’s the reality of the incompatible culture I continue to be surrounded by. It’s a lot to process. It’s a lot to consider.

At the moment, I’m not sure what I’m hoping for. Good news that yes, I can make this move or other news that will make the move not doable.

I will keep you posted.