living in mexico frustration #1: lack of attention (to details?)

living in mexico frustration #1: lack of attention (to details?)

So many people refer to life in Mexico as living in paradise. Those are clearly the folks who do not live here. No one who actually, truly lives here would ever refer to this place as paradise for the simple reason it’s not.

Living in Mexico comes with more than its fair share of frustrations. Not just the once-in-awhile type either. I’m talkin’ the constant, every day, makes you want to pull your hair out frustrations. Survival tip 101: suck it up. ‘Tis life in Mexico.

The frustration I’m referring to (at least today) is my most recent when renewing my auto insurance. I’m signed up with a large national company which means I simply email the request for a new policy and within the hour, it’s done…usually.

Again this year, I requested my policy renewal. Within a few hours, a renewed policy was sitting in my email waiting to be paid. I reviewed the new number and amount due, smirking at the nice discount I was given, and hopped online to make the payment.

It all went as smooth as glass…until I asked them to make changes.

This year, my state of Quintana Roo issued new license plates and since the insurance policy lists the plates of the vehicle, this needed to be changed on the updated policy, something you would expect an insurance adjuster to know, but didn’t.

So I made the request…

I was cc’d into a forwarded email to someone who was able to do this. Apparently the guy I’d been dealing with at the Mexico City head office was not “permitted” to generate policy changes or something to that effect. Or maybe it was just time for his 15 minute break.

About an hour later, I received an email from a girl at my local office saying the changes had been made and the new policy was attached. I scrolled to the bottom of the email. There were no attachments (sigh!), so I asked for them.

Another 30 minutes or so passed before a reply came in. I opened the email, scrolled to the bottom and walloh, found attachments. The first one I opened was my receipt of full payment with the date and updated license plate number. The second attachment was the actual policy which still had the old plate number and incorrect date of payment.

So I again requested an updated / corrected policy. She mailed back saying it was correct, so I mailed back saying it was not and actually edited the policy with yellow circles to show her where she needed to make the corrections.

Yellow circles where corrections were needed

Another hour passed before another policy was mailed to me, this time with the correct updated license plate number but the unchanged August date of payment (it was actually September, sigh!). It was close enough, so I printed it and stuffed it into my glove box.

Attention to detail is not exactly what I would call this since making insurance policy changes is a natural “backbone” part of the policy updating process, but here we were all the same. Not once did either of the two agents ask if I had any changes, a plate change, an address change, a new or different vehicle.

It took the better part of the day to get 20 minutes worth of work accomplished. “Back home”, this lack of attention would have resulted in a major tongue lashing, but here in Mexico, it’s completely normal (hence my reviewing the policy personally before signing off for the day).

Let’s hope their adjusters (gawd forbid I ever need one) are better at details than their office staff!