it's officially the f-season here in mexico

it’s officially the f-season here in mexico

It’s not what you’re thinking. Well, it’s unlikely to be what you’re thinking. The f-season, as I like to call it, means fleece and flannel. It’s that time of year again when temperatures drop and having these two things makes life a lot better.

Temperatures began to drop earlier this year than normal, which means I’ve been using my fleece and flannel for a few weeks already. Technically, we’re still in hurricane season here on the Atlantic side, which doesn’t end until November 30.

Yet here we are under heavy blankets not giving any consideration to the possibility of a hurricane. The reason. It’s our third cold snap in four weeks.

So far this winter season, Mexico has had eight cold air systems from the U.S. reach the country. Three of those, the last three to be exact, have hit us here along the Yucatan Peninsula.

While our days are still pleasant (shorts and t-shirt are fine), the night and morning temperatures have plummeted to nearly half of what we’re used to. You may not think 15C is not a cold nighttime temp, but when combined with an 85 percent humidity rate, it’s time for the fleece and flannel.

Buying these things locally is a bit challenging. Fleece is widely available in stores here regardless of where you live. Everything from fleece (micro fiber) bedding to fluffy fleece sweaters and pajamas can easily be found.

Flannel, on the other hand, not so much. I have a nice inventory of flannel items in the way of shirts and sheets, but it’s because I’ve learned to scour the Internet. And not just any time of year. During the hot months of July and August when temperatures are pushing 40C, I’m online shopping for flannel sheet sets that no one else is even thinking about.

For my efforts, I always find sheets in a design I like, in a size that fits my bed and for a price I don’t mind paying…like half. Learning to shop Mexico online has been a lifesaver since I didn’t bring any of these things with me when I arrived here more than a decade ago.

The only real winter thing I came with was a short winter jacket from Canada, which I have used many times over the years. As for the f-season, I’m officially well-stocked in that area now too.

So when these U.S. cold snaps make their way to my neck of the jungle (sort of speak), let’s just say I’m warm and ready.