It’s not even the dog days of summer yet

it’s not even the dog days of summer yet

We’re in the middle of week four of excessive heat. The problem is that it’s only April. What is excessive you ask? We’ve been roasting between 35 (95F) and 40C (104F) for nearly a month. This super hot weather started back in March. It’s worse now that the humidity has arrived.

If you look at a local forecast, you will see our humidity factored into the daily temperature, sometimes reading “dangerous” due to its levels. The combination makes being awake just plain uncomfortable.

If you’re looking to move here and are wondering what to bring in the way of clothes, believe it or not, you will want pants and a jacket. I have one short winter jacket with me here that I had sent from Canada, and yes, I’ve worn it many times.

Over the past two years, our cold spells have been much colder and longer than normal. For that, I geared up with online purchases of boots and long fluffy over shirts, sweaters and lite jackets I can layer depending on what’s needed.

Laugh if you want, but wait until it’s your turn. That humidity that makes life so hot and unbearable also makes cold feel 100 times colder.

You’re going to want the fleece then…

We only had a few sporadic weeks of cool weather this season mixed with a handful of truly cold days. Mostly mornings and evenings, otherwise, it’s been hot. Each year, this heat seems to start sooner and intensify, making the months of July to October indoor months.

With the sun this hot, it’s also too hot to go to the beach. Yes, I hear you giggling, but that too, is true. By the time you get there, out of your car and onto the sand, you’re likely stating to burn. Dig a hole to set up the beach umbrella and your skin is definitely in the red.

At that rate, you’ve become a candidate for heat stroke. Remember, you also have to pull up stakes and march back to your car yet. Trust me when I say, it often gets too hot to go to the beach. So what do locals do?

Pray you become acclimatized. I did quite quickly by not relying on air conditioning. A handful of quality wall-mounted fans keeps my house cool and cozy, which is where you will find most of us hiding during canicula or the dog days of summer.