I miss tall buildings and theme parks, or something like that

I miss tall buildings and theme parks, or something like that

Today I miss adventure park rides. That’s right. You read correctly. Adventure park rides, as in those screaming, nonsensical Disney-style theme park rides meant to entertain your pants off. It’s been (oh gosh) years since I’ve been to one.

My Canadian city continues to host a 10-day theme of events that includes rides, so I suppose that’s where I last hopped on one. This current “miss” I’m having isn’t only about theme rides. It’s the environment surrounding those types of rides that I think I’m truly longing for.

A few months ago, while watching some Hollywood move (in English), I began to have an ache. I realized the next day that ache was my missing the city. Any city, really. Just a city. Being in a large American or Canadian, or even European city for that matter, was suddenly on my mind in a big semi-obsessive way.

When I thought about why I would miss such a thing (I’m the type who loves wilderness peace and quiet), since I live beach side in one of the most beautiful places in North America, I learned it was a bit deeper than just “city”. What I was actually missing was my old life. I was missing English. Speaking it, reading it, shopping it, listening to it, ordering food in it. Just being in English.

I was also missing the familiarity that comes with large cities. The noise, taxi horns, shopping centres, sidewalk cafes, don’t walk lights, marked crosswalks, colors, tall buildings, city lights…tall buildings. I was missing tall buildings.

Yeah, I know. Believe me, I know, but that’s the truth.

I haven’t seen a tall building in 13 years. That’s how long I’ve lived here and that’s how long it’s been since I’ve left here. I live in a beautiful seaside beach resort town where the city urban building limit is four floors. I miss tall buildings.

Then that lead to missing theme park rides, which (please note I am not a psychologist) I thought was more about a lack of city excitement than the actual roller coaster-type ride itself (which at my age now, would only set my vertigo off in a never ending tailspin).

After living in Mexico for 13 years, I still miss, more than ever, some strange aspects of my old life. For me, it’s more than just a simple yearning, it’s a strong one that has had me contemplating what to do next. My options, if you will. Today, I watched videos of travelers living on the road in campervans…again.

Since I’ve put heart and soul into making Mexico work, and since I am my sole source of income (no employees), picking up and heading out the door to spend a month, a week, a day at a theme park or wandering around tall city buildings is a no-go.

I have a house, dog, job, yard. I have major responsibilities, which means for now, this yearning will have to remain just that. I guess it’s all part of the journey.