How to renew or apply for a passport while living in mexico

How to renew or apply for a passport while living in mexico

Okay, so now you’re here and you’re here to stay and your passport needs attention. Maybe it’s nearing time for a renewal or maybe it’s already expired. Don’t worry. Every major center across Mexico has common consulate offices.

Mexico City no doubt has the most consulate offices in the country with a whopping 106! Here in Playa del Carmen, we have four, Canada, France, Italy and the U.S. In Cancun, they take care of 35 different nationalities. If you’re in need of one of these national consulates, then you’re in luck. You can make contact via email, which is the preferred first stage especially now with covid, and they will email the information needed to get you started.

If you’re considering living in a different part of Mexico, this Embassies and Consulates website is an excellent resource to find the available consulates around the country.

In your email there will be the typical list of government instructions on things to do and not to do, as well as a suggested place for passport photos, since these are a bit tricky and often rejected. Remember, your consulate is there to help.

If you have let your passport lapse, which is not the end of the world, you can reapply for a new one via an “applicant abroad” form. That too, will be sent to you in the form on a hyperlink in an email. Simply print it at any paperleria store or internet cafe and fill it out. You can also fill them out electronically online before printing them.

When you’re ready, send another email to your consulate contact and tell them you’re ready. They will set an appointment date for you to go to their office. The doors are super-secure. The only way you can get in is to identify yourself via the speaker outside and be buzzed in by someone inside.

Once there, you can pay cash in exact peso if that’s all you have access to, which is what I do. Just an FYI, the consulates don’t have change. But in most cases, you can prepay online via a credit card before you attend your in-person appointment.

Once you’re buzzed inside the office, government business will be attended to as usual. The person behind the glass will review your paperwork and documents and, if all is well, cancel your existing passport on the spot. Don’t worry, you’ll have a fresh new passport in your hand within a week or two.