how to order more LP gas for your home when living in mexico

how to order LP gas for your home when living in mexico

Most of the traditional houses here run on LP gas. You will likely use LP gas for not only cooking, but also for your hot water tank. In more modern and / or centrally located condos, builders will have installed an electric cooktop stove, but if you’re looking at a place to live in Mexico, bank on gas.

In saying that, everyone is responsible for their own LP gas use. That means each house, condo or unit will have its own tank. A lot of condos, for example, will have a dedicated tank on the roof with a gas line running into the unit.

Houses, on the other hand, are more likely to have a cylinder LP gas tank system. Some, with bigger families and a bit of extra cash, will have a stationary tank. That too can be on the roof of the home or on the ground in the back yard.

When you run out of gas, who you call for more will depend on the type of tank you have. For example, there are a plethora of small quarter-ton LP company trucks that run around all day exchanging empty cylinder tanks for filled tanks.

Cylinder and stationary gas tanks both have different advantages

If you have a stationary tank, then you will need to contact a company that has large LP gas trucks equipped to go to individual homes and, with the use of extremely long hoses, refill the tank right from the truck.

There are some advantages to both types of LP gas tank systems. With stationary tanks, you will likely only need to refill once or twice a year depending of course on the size of your tank and your family using the gas.

The downside is once you’re out, you need to contact the company and wait for the truck to arrive for a refill. Since these tanks are large, a refill will run in the thousands of peso each time.

With cylinder tanks, if you run out of gas say in mid-baking, you can simply run outside and, with the aid of a wrench, take three minutes to switch over to a new tank, hardly interrupting anything.

This is the system I have chosen. I have two 30L gas tanks, both always filled so when I run out of one, I can quickly switch to the other and refill my newly emptied tank when I get around to it.