how to get what you need at a mexican pharmacy

how to get what you need at a mexican pharmacy

A big part of surviving life in Mexico is understanding how things work. While you may be able to walk into a speciality shop in your hometown and pick what you need from shelves, that’s not always the case here.

As a matter of fact, more times than not you’ll need to ask for the specific product you’re after. This ranges from the other shoe (because displays only have one shoe on the shelf) to pharmacy needs.

Mexico has numerous mainstream pharmacy companies, all of which, offer a range of medical items to get you well again. If you’re creating a basic at-home just-in-case medical kit, you can shop for most of those items at a larger grocery store.

If it’s super specific items you’re after, or something that requires a prescription, you’ll need to head to a pharmacy.

With prescription in hand, give the pharmacist the paper and, if he or she does not say or ask anything, you can assume they will fill the entire thing. If they’re not talking, it’s because they do not speak English and gather that you do not speak Spanish.

Once all the items are on the counter, they may ask if you want anything else. Again, if nothing is spoken, just pay the amount you see on the register, gather your supplies and leave with a polite gracias.

If you are without a prescription and need something specific, you will need Spanish. At the very least, bring an empty container of it with you or make an effort to look up its Spanish name online first. Write that down and hand it to the pharmacist. They will search for what you need from their shelves.

Buying your pharmaceutical needs in stores in the outer regions of town is usually quite a bit cheaper than buying them in city centers. That’s just how Mexico works. Prices are always less in the suburbs to accommodate the folks who live in the poorer areas. Medical consultations are also less expensive.

If you shop downtown, you will always pay more for the exact same product.