how to find a good mechanic in mexico

how to find a good mechanic in mexico

You will find there’s no shortage of willing handymen in Mexico. No matter where you live, there is always someone somewhere willing (and often able) to fix whatever it is you need fixing. To determine who’s who, a guy carrying a wrench will declare himself a plumber. A guy with a set of screwdrivers and roll of wire will be an electrician. Folks walking with machetes will be a gardener of sorts, willing to cut your grass and brush if need be.

So how does one find a mechanic in Mexico? Surely these guys don’t walk around with quarts of oil and a pocket filled with socket wrenches! Well, you’re right. They don’t. Finding a mechanic in Mexico is usually by word of mouth.

If you’re in need of a mechanic, there are several options. One, you can drive around until you find a shop, which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes since everyone here is a mechanic. Two, you can go to your dealership. Expect to pay a lot, by the way and do not expect the work to be, well, always good. Third, you can ask around. If you don’t have a new vehicle and need some work done, I suggest option three.

To get a recommendation, take your vehicle to a specialty chain shop first. For example, I have the names to two mechanics, both of whom I’ve used for various repairs. I got their names as a referral from my Mexican brand-chain tire and brake shop.

My Jeep needed new tires and brakes, so while getting the work done, I asked about more mechanical (motor) repair work, for which I was told they don’t do but can recommend someone who does. That’s what I was hoping to hear.

This worked well because the manager at a brand chain shop won’t want to recommend a bad mechanic. His name is now involved in this deal and reputation speaks volumes, so I took the one name he gave me and had specific a motor repair done and done well, I might add.

After a few visits to this guy, I was provided with the name of another guy who my (now main mechanic) said was “also really good, you know, in case I’m ever too busy” — which did eventually happen.