How do I start content writing even with no experience?

how do I start content writing even with no experience?

So you want to start content writing and need to know how to get started. Maybe you’re asking yourself how do I start freelance writing with no experience? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place since I was once in your exact shoes and now make 100 percent of my income writing content without living paycheck-to-paycheck.

I will tell you how to get started, where to look and what to look for. From there, you can determine if content writing is for you.

how to get started

In the very beginning of my writing life, there were many “article farm” companies out there (Huffington Post was one), that allowed signed-up users to submit articles solely for the exposure. There was no money exchanged. A majority of the articles, in Huffington Post for example, were not paid for. Bloggers (contributors) submitted their articles for exposure only. After only six years online and thousands of signed-up writers, the company was bought for $315 million USD by AOL.

There is a call out there for great content. Unfortunately, the bloggers (contributors) of the submitted articles for Huffington Post received nothing. The purchase of the company for so much after a such a short amount of time generated a fair bit of ethnical questioning about personally gaining from the (unpaid) work of others. It wasn’t until January of 2018, that the company stopped accepting articles from unpaid bloggers. Another story for another time.

Getting back on track.

There were numerous content farm-type companies that traded writer articles for exposure. Some offered a few cents on the dollar for articles read, say for every 1,000 clicks, but many did not. Some were simply open source, requiring only a log-in to publish, while others had a very loose application process.

Either way, those content farms gave unknown writers a place to publish their work, usually with the approval of on-site editors. Some of those places still exist today, however, since setting up a personal blog has become easy enough (and even completely free with platforms such as Google Blogger), a lot of people have opted for their own publishing space over submitting their work on a company site.

Why give away your work, right?

One big difference between their blog and yours will be their establishment and exposure. A company that offers writers a place to publish will be established with search engines and have an audience, while if you are just starting out, you will not necessarily have those things.

The greatest of all writers will need to attract an audience to attract (potential) employers. If you’re just starting a new website, a blog, you will spend endless months if you are consistent and endless years if you are not, trying to fight your way to page one of search engine results.

You don’t need to be on page one, you say? Well, actually you do since 71 percent of Internet users do not click past the first page to find what they are looking for.

where to look

If you’re going to opt for a contributor site (technically called guest posting) to publish articles for exposure as a beginner, a few choices to consider are:

Accounting Web
Training Zone
My Customer
HR Zone
Fearless Flyer
E Secret
Theme Circle
My WP Tips
Tidy Repo
Coming Soon WP

what to look for

Each of these companies are considered easy to get in to for new writers (contributors) and each accepts articles on varying genres. For example, some are obvious such as accounting and coding, while others, not so much. You will need to decide on your “expertise”, the topics you know and understand well enough to consider applying for to become a contributor. Even though these are unpaid submissions on your part, there is still a screening process to be accepted into their programs.

You won’t have to do this forever. Look at it as a type of interim position. Applying to as many different companies as possible (and getting accepted, of course), is one of the best ways to get your name (and articles) published and out there to create that much-needed portfolio to begin as a paid writer.