do ya'll have television in english down there in mexico?

do ya’ll have television in english down there in mexico?

One of the most common questions asked by moving foreigners to Mexico is if there is television in English here. The short answer is yes, there is. The answer you are likely looking for is it’s better to bring your own in.

By that, I mean use a stick or VPN service to get the channels you will want.

When I very first moved here, I lived in Cancun and opted for cable television. I signed up with the largest company in the country at the time. I was paying just over 500 peso a month for a full-ish package and had two channels that regularly offered shows in English.

The rest, the other 108 channels, were of no interest to me because they were all in Spanish. When I moved to Playa del Carmen, I did not take that service with me. And to this day, I never signed up for another.

The truth is I’m not a big t.v. watcher. A huge part of life here is about being outside, so the only time I actually watch t.v. is when it’s pouring rain or I’m super bored. Otherwise, you’ll find me gardening, napping in my hammock or kicked back with a book of the week.

If you absolutely need t.v., Mexico does offer a handful of free channels. Where I live, we get about eight free digital channels. Yes, they are all in Spanish, but it’s free and offers a great way to learn the language while providing entertainment. The Simpson’s in Spanish is funnier than you think.

Really, you’re not the only one asking

If that’s just not gonna cut it, then your other options include signing up for local cable or bringing in your own. By “bringing in” I mean using a VPN-type service to ensure you get more than just non-English Mexican channels.

Mexicans love technology! Big televisions, the latest cell phones, wireless gadgets and sticks of all sorts can easily be purchased anywhere and everywhere. If you want something super specific, then bring it with you. If you forget, you can always buy something online while here, otherwise, just shop locally.

I then suggest heading to a social media page for your town / city and posting a question similar to “anyone know a guy who can hook up (my VPN or whatever you have) to get English television channels?”

In Mexico, there’s a guy for everything, and again, since they love technology, you won’t have any problem finding someone who is able to hook you up.