how to avoid an impractical car purchase for your life in mexico

avoiding an impractical car purchase for your life in mexico

Thinking of a car for your new life in Mexico? Thinking convertible, something sexy, sleek and low? As nice as these are (I used to drive one myself before moving here), they are a nightmare as an everyday vehicle in Mexico.

You should at least visit the country and drive locally before buying a permanent car. It may be tempting, from afar, to think convertible is the way to go since it’s always warm and sunny, but a convertible here is not a good idea.

Not only is it easy prey for thieves, it’s also a lot more impractical than you may realize. Here, the sun is scorching hot. It’s too hot to be exposed to for any amount time. Unless you drive only at night, you’re highly unlikely to drive with the top down. Ever.

The other disadvantage to having a soft top in Mexico is again, the sun. The sun eats through everything. It won’t take more than a year or two before your soft top becomes a rag top, literally. Garages are not plentiful here, so expect to have your car street parked in full sun. Also, the rainy season wreaks havoc on the material and once it becomes weak from the sun, it will start to leak.

If you’re in the market for a Mexican-specific vehicle, I would highly suggest a compact hardtop SUV. Between the holes and topes, a low-riding car, which is usually what convertibles are, won’t last long. They get abused here from the uneven and unkempt roadways, not to mention the mile high topes.

Another thing to consider is the rain. During the heavy rainy season, a majority of the roadways here flood and stay flooded for several days. The depth of that water can easily reach the door of your car. Most of the country lacks proper drainage, which makes heavy rainfall a bit disastrous.

I have an older model Jeep that is quite tall compared to the newer models and still, over the large topes, I have to come to a crawling stop to ensure I don’t bottom out. The natural height of the vehicle, does however, make going over rough terrain, bumpy potholes and large topes, a lot easier. In the rainy season, I can easily manage through the deeper flooded streets without worry.